Continuous Cyber Security Services

We protect your environment with best practices and technologies

No matter if it’s your cloud, office or industrial environment, servers, networks, users or endpoints, we will help you to find the suitable defence solutions for your needs. Our expertise is based on hundreds of cyber security projects in various ICT and OT Invironments. Our Continuous Cyber Security Services team keeps your defence solutions up to date and maintains the environment. You can have peace of mind - your defence is always up to date.
CCSS 365 service

Ensure the information security of the Microsoft cloud environment and conformance now and in the future.

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Vulnerability Management

With Cinia’s vulnerability management service, you can manage the vulnerabilities in an efficient manner.

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Cinia Cyber Rating Services

Understandable and easily interpretable data about the organization’s visible risks.

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Comprehensive state-of-the-art services for countering cyber threats.

Cinia Continuous Cyber Security Services 365

Integrated solutions for data and device protection

Cinia Continuous Cyber Security Services (CCSS 365) is a fully managed, continuous cyber security service that protects your Microsoft cloud environment: including emails, users, applications and data. We leverage our security expertise to provide you a packaged deployment for Microsoft 365 coupled with our proactive threat monitoring, reporting and risk management. Our Continuous Cyber Security Services team maintains the environment and reacts to anomalies.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your cloud environment is deployed with best security practices and your defence is always up to date.


The Microsoft 365 package includes

  • Office 365  services
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) -package including security features, analytics as well as identity and device management



Cinia’s CCSS 365 service provides inbuilt cyber security for the cloud service.

Vulnerability Management service

Boosting vulnerability management

Most cyber attacks are carried out by exploiting existing vulnerabilities in the environment. For example, these vulnerabilities can be found in applications, operating systems, printers, cameras, switches, and other network devices. Even though the responsibilities of updating devices and software has been set, some of the vulnerabilities in the environment still remain hidden in the environment because of the lack of information.

Cinia Vulnerability Management –service enables comprehensive visibility into the vulnerabilities of the environment, regardless of whether it is a device, software or server on its own data center or in a cloud service.

Based on the information provided by the service, you will receive a clear view of vulnerabilities in the entire environment. The vulnerabilities are categorised by their risk or ease of abuse. Recognising the risks within the environment helps in risk management and allows you to allocate resources to targets most likely to be used for attacking. All vulnerabilities that are found also include a recommendation how to remediate the vulnerability.

Vulnerability risks for business operations

Lack of knowledge about your own environment creates an attack risk. Current infrastructures are complex combinations of different operating systems, devices and applications, such as printers, WLAN devices, switches, iLO and iDRAC. IT environment services may be located also in public cloud services in addition to own data centers.

Many attacks are implemented by using vulnerabilities through loopholes, such as zero-day vulnerabilities or older vulnerabilities (Wannacry, Bluekeep, etc.).

Key features of the service

Cinia’s vulnerability management service offers an extensive view on the IT environment vulnerabilities regardless of whether the device, software or server is located in your own data center or in a cloud service.

On the basis of the data generated by the service, you will receive a clear view on the vulnerabilities of the environment categorized by the risk or the ease of the misuse of vulnerabilities. Identifying risks in the environment helps in risk management and in allocating resources to areas which are most likely to be attacked. The service produces also proposals for fixing the detected vulnerabilities.

Content of the services

  • Intranet scanning
  • Wide area network scanning
  • InsightVM agent for endpoints
  • Global Threat Correlation
  • Reporting

  • Risk categorization
  • Discovery Scanning
  • Platform-independent installation
  • A great number of different reporting templates.

Cinia’s vulnerability management service relies on the best technologies on the markets. By combining the technologies with Cinia’s expertise and operating models, we can produce a comprehensive view on the IT environment vulnerabilities.

Cinia’s Cyber Rating service

Easily interpretable data on visible cyber risks

The risk level of the organizations’ information security can be assessed from many different viewpoints, but it is crucial to pay attention to the overall picture. The information security risk index indicates the level of external threats to your organization.
Cinia’s Cyber Ratings service generates understandable and easily interpretable data about the visible risks of your organization, such as leaked IDs, incorrectly configured applications or IP addresses engaged in suspicious traffic.

Data is combined through automatics and algorithms into an understandable format so that increased risks can be monitored. In addition to separate reports, you can view data and follow alerts through the user interface. The service provides you with an overall picture of the visible risks in your operating environment as well as an opportunity to assess the security level of your partner organizations.



Features of Cinia’s Cyber Rating service

  • Easily understandable cyber security index and metrics
  • Reduction of data burglary risks
  • Identification of external risks
  • Automatic monitoring of external risks

  • Mapping of third-party risks
  • Automatic information security scans
  • Sector-specific risk comparison
  • Information security partnership.

Cinia’s Cyber Rating service offers you an overall picture of the visible situation of your operating environment.

How do we operate?

Initial situation mapping
  • We check your current information security solutions and configurations as well as your general cyber security level and provide concrete proposals on improving the cyber security
  • We map the baseline level of your organization’s cyber security
  • We identify and together select the most suitable solutions for you
  • Our certified experts build and test the selected solutions.
Maintenance, continuous service
  • Our certified experts maintain and monitor the functionality of the integrated services
  • We immediately respond to any deviations
  • We keep the systems up to date and ensure that they are compliant with the best practices
  • We report global information security risk changes and carry out system updates 24/7, if necessary.
Development, continuous service
  • We continuously develop the systems and services together with the customer
  • We carry out development projects related to the changes in cyber security
  • We arrange regular reporting and development meetings with the customer, during which we review, for example, information security incidents and the situational picture of the customer’s security environment, identification of global threats, update needs of solutions and the development roadmap.

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