Cinia SIEM - Get a single source of truth to all of your organizations’ data.

Cyber security threats are constantly changing and evolving with an accelerating pace that makes attacks on companies more and more sophisticated. The attacks may consist of individual attachments, multi-stage attack chain, distractions, vulnerabilities and combinations of these. Focusing protection and visibility on a single component on a network or workstation does not provide a sufficient overall picture of the company's security level of nor visibility for anomalies in security.
Security Information & Event Management system (SIEM) monitors your entire IT environment, combines and correlates data from multiple sources, keeps an eye out for anomalous activity or unusual behaviours automatically and stores data from the different technologies within your system.

Centralized log analysis allows your organization to have a single source of truth for data from across the entire IT system and a realtime snapshots of your entire environment.

And the best part is that SIEM doesn’t just identify whether a security breach happened: it can also pinpoint how it happened, and whether it’s associated with any other potential breaches.

How the SIEM as a service works

Working service concept and well managed processes allows you to have a fast and smooth deployment project.

Certified experts ensure that the SIEM meets your needs, installs correctly and works appropriately.

SIEM alone massively improves your cyber defence capabilities. Enrich it with UEBA (User and Entity Behavioral Analytics) and CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Center) to get the most out of your SIEM.

Why Cinia SIEM?

Trusted Companion

You get your “own” Cyber Defence team and certified experts in use.

Support 24/7

Our experts are at your service 24/7. We have the highest partner level which means you get fast response to any issues.

Peace of mind

Our certified Cyber Security experts make sure that one of your most critical security systems operate accordingly .


Regular reporting and development meetings keep you always aware of your security situation and events.

Service Management

  • In order to ensure the quality of the service and security, Cinia operates in fully isolated physical locations. All the hardware and software used for monitoring resides in their own isolated environments.
  • The personnel involved in SIEM as a service operate in accordance with internal security controls and  continuously educates its staff to respond to new threats and challenges.

Service Features

  • Data collection and follow-up from different sources
  • Analyzing collected data
  • Premade correlations and alarms
  • Maintaining the platform systems of the service
  • Reporting
  • Customer’s SIEM status and events are monitored by security experts and certified professionals 
  • Support service in Finnish and English
  • Standard changes and minor updates
  • Regular quality and development meetings

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