C-Lion 1 - Direct route to the European market

Low latency and secure data transmission

C-Lion1 Submarine Cable Connects the Nordics with the Continental Europe

The Nordics is a very interesting area to many global companies. European and Finnish companies find intriguing and easily attainable opportunities from their immediate surroundings to the big Eastern market. As part of the Cinia network, the C-Lion1 submarine cable connects the Nordic market to the continental European market by the quickest route and the lowest latency.

C-Lion1 submarine cable

  • Päätepisteet Helsinki ja Rostock
  • Varmistava rantautuminen Hankoon
  • Kaapelin pituus 1173 km
  • 8 kuituparia
  • Kokonaiskapasiteetti 144 tb/s
  • End points Helsinki and Rostock, Germany
  • Hanko branch 
  • Cable lenght 1173 km
  • 8 fiber pairs
  • Total system capacity 144 tb/s
Cinia C-Lion1

Story of C-Lion1

The C-Lion1 submarine cable laying under the Baltic Sea from Helsinki to Rostock, Germany started in October 2015 and was completed on schedule early 2016. The video reviews the entire submarine cable project from its conception to its completion.

The C-Lion1 submarine cable designed and operated by Cinia connects the data hubs in Central Europe to Finland, Nordics and through Russia further to Asia boosting Finland´s position as a gateway between Eastern and Western markets. 

HubSpot Video
cinia-icon-matka-white Cable length 1173 km
cinia-icon-tietoverkkoratkaisut-white-06@1x Total system capacity 144 Tbit/s
cinia-icon-tuki-white Rewarded and ISO27001-sertificated Cinia Service Desk monitors C-Lion1 24/7.

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