Far North Fiber - New route connecting Europe and Asia

Arctic Cable System project

The global economy increasingly depends on international telecom networks between continents. The Arctic submarine cable offers an alternate and brand new route between Europe and Asia. The new route significantly  increases  the redudancy of global  networks. 
cinia-icon-kapasiteetti-white Estimated capacity 13 Tbit/s per fiber pair
cinia-icon-matka-white Cable length Norway - Japan 14 000 km
cinia-icon-kyberturvallisuusratkaisut-white-05@1x Cable connects three continents - 85 % of the world's population
Arctic submarine cable system connecting Europe and Asia

International project

Global telecommunication backbone networks have lacked an optical submarine cable connecting Northern and Eastern coastal regions of Europe, Japan and North America.

Cinia Ltd, in collaboration with Far North Digital, is executing a pan-Arctic submarine cable project. The objective of the international project is to build the first trans-Arctic submarine telecom cable between Europe and Asia. 

The planned, 14 000 km long, new Arctic cable will complement and secure existing connections, increase redundancy of global networks significantly. The new cable route also supports development of the Arctic region.

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