Cable networks

Our current cable networks 

Cinia has a long experience of enabling fast and reliable connectivity services both within Finland and between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Cinia operates its own network in Finland, and the C-Lion1 submarine cable which connects Helsinki with Rostock, Germany. 



As part of the Cinia network, the C-Lion1 submarine cable connects the Nordic market to the continental European market by the quickest route and the lowest latency.


About C-Lion1 Submarine cable

  • End points Helsinki and Rostock, Germany
  • Hanko branch 
  • 1173 km cable length
  • 8 fiber pairs
  • Total system capacity 144 tb/s

The Story of C-Lion1

The C-Lion1 submarine cable laying under the Baltic Sea from Helsinki to Rostock, Germany was completed in early 2016. It connects the data hubs in Central Europe to Finland, the Nordics, and Asia.

International network projects

Cloud-based businesses require high-speed and more secure connections. Cinia's international network projects C-Lion2 and Far North Fiber are meeting increasing need for bandwidth and diversity.

Far North Fiber

The Far North Fiber is an Arctic submarine cable system connecting Europe and Asia. Cinia is working on the pan-Arctic submarine cable project in collaboration with Far North Digital and ARTERIA Network Corporation. Companies formed a joint corporation Far North Fiber, Inc. to work towards development of a submarine fiber optic system. 

About Far North Fiber

  • Estimated capacity 15 Tbit/s per fiber pair
  • 15 000 km cable length from Japan to Norway
  • The cable connects three continents and 85 % of the world's population


Fast and reliable connectivity services

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