Impact of the corona virus on Cinia services

News 12.3.2020

Cinia has prepared contingency plan for exceptional situations such as corona virus to secure availability and continuity of services. Cinia’s employees follow the rules and instructions provided by the company and health authorities regarding the corona virus.

Actual travel warnings are monitored constantly. Travelling abroad is currently restricted, especially in high-risk areas.

Securing the service production

We are prepared to secure availability of communications networks and continuity of services provided by Cinia.  We follow our contingency plan and guidelines regarding provisioning, monitoring, managing, maintaining and operating of services in various exceptional situations. Most of the required tasks can be performed remotely. Customer meetings can be conducted by online meetings using web conferencing tools.

We have considered necessary substitute arrangements in our resource planning. We utilize both Cinia's own resources and the resources of our subcontractors and partners to maintain the highest level of service for our customers, even in exceptional situations.

We will inform customers without a delay if the situation changes significantly.