Nov 12, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Access to growing markets with Cinia’s network

With business becoming increasingly digital, the significance of networks and the need for capacity are growing constantly. These days, connectivity services, low latency, and direct connections to cloud services play a key role in competitiveness. Cloud-based businesses require high-speed and more secure connections.

This is increasing the need for alternative routing options to ensure resiliency and business continuity. Users of our network include operators, data centres and other parties that transfer large amounts of data, as well as companies whose business relies on fast, high-quality connectivity.

Cinia’s goal is to build digital success stories by connecting our customers to a global operating environment with international connections and by offering constantly improving connectivity services and digital solutions.

We have a long experience of enabling fast and reliable connectivity services both within Finland and between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Cinia’s 15,000-kilometre optical fibre network is expanding and evolving to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Cinia expands its network in Germany

Cinia operates its own network in Finland, and the C-Lion1 submarine cable, completed in 2016, connects Helsinki with Rostock. C-Lion1 has quickly earned its place in connecting Finland and neighbouring regions to European markets.

Our newest route to Berlin will become operational and available to our customers in November 2020. Expanding to Berlin introduces new diversity routes for accessing the market, with latencies of approximately 16–17 milliseconds from Helsinki and Stockholm.

Among its customers Cinia is known for excellent customer service, and operating our own network is an important part of maintaining competitiveness. Having our own network enables streamlined and fast delivery processes and supports monitoring the quality of critical services.

With business becoming increasingly digital, the significance of networks and the need for capacity are growing constantly.


Cinia expands the coverage of its network in Frankfurt

Cinia has had its own connection to Frankfurt since 2016. By the end of 2020, we will complete an expansion in Frankfurt that will increase the number of connection points crucial to the international connectivity covered by Cinia’s network. By improving the coverage of our own network within the city we improve our competitiveness as a high-quality supplier.

Cinia has a reputation as a reliable Finnish service provider, capable of responding swiftly to customer needs and changing situations.

We want to support our customers in the growing needs of their businesses.


Jaana Räty

Jaana Räty work as a Partnership Director at Cinia. She has a strong experience in various sales positions in telecom companies since 1993 with strong focus to the customer demands and customer satisfaction.