Oct 19, 2017 10:00:00 AM

When milliseconds make a difference

How carriers benefit from Cinia’s services

A significant improvement in the user experience, much lower latencies, ability to attract new customers, growing revenues and more diverse routing options. These are examples of the competitive edge Cinia’s carrier customers have reached after forging a contract with us.

As you probably know, Cinia’s optic fiber network, or the Northern Digital Highway, is part of the shortest and fastest route from Central Europe to Asia. Our C-Lion1 submarine cable connects Finland directly to the largest European network nodes in Germany. Its massive capacity and low latency meets the requirements of the most demanding enterprises.

But while the specs are impressive, what are the real benefits to the customers of our international capacity services?

TTK is a big international carrier that has got two significant improvements. First, TTK has been able to increase the performance of its own network, especially the IP network, because the traffic is now using the most optimal path created by C-Lion1. The latencies have also reduced significantly. Second, they have been able to diversify their routing options in the network.

Both of these benefits have improved the user experience of TTK’s customers. Thanks to Cinia’s services, this carrier can attract new customers, grow its revenues, and strengthen its market presence.

Another use case, a Finnish backbone carrier called FNE, highlights the importance of the world’s biggest Internet exchange in Frankfurt. By using Cinia’s networks, the exchange can be reached directly and much faster than before. This has brought major competitive advantages to FNE’s customers, local telecom operators. One operator has been delighted to report that the latency to Frankfurt has reduced from 42 to 23 milliseconds.

Conversely, one important aspect worth reminding is that high-speed traffic flows also the other way around from Germany to Finland. What can this mean for FNE and local operators? They can attract German or international service providers to relocate their clouds in Finnish data centers, where operating costs are lower than in Germany – and with latencies less than 30 milliseconds most business applications run almost transparently.

Cinia’s network illustrates how high-speed and low-latency connections remove the physical barriers of geography and distances. In our digital world, every millisecond makes a difference in the customer experience.

Do you want to know more about our international connectivity services? Contact the Cinia team at Capacity Europe to discuss the huge opportunities we can offer you.

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