10/5/17 10:00 AM

A New Cinia Connection Links The Hanko Area Directly to International Data Networks

Cinia Group’s branch connection of the C-Lion1 submarine data cable is about to be completed. The new connection increases the appeal of the Western Uusimaa region from the standpoint of new business opportunities and creation of new jobs.

The enterprises and municipalities in the Hanko and Raasepori region aim at creating a significant node for international data traffic along with Frankfurt, Stockholm and Helsinki. For Cinia, the new Hanko branch complements its international network by new routing options.

- The connection is important for the Western Uusimaa area, because it creates better conditions for the competitiveness of enterprises, and thus increases willingness to establish a presence in the area. That is exactly what the region desires and yearns for, since it advances the development of the area from many perspectives, for instance, in the form of increasing employment, states the mayor of Raasepori Ragnar Lunqvist.

- The fiber optic connection through Hanko essentially improves the attractiveness of Western Uusimaa in the eyes of businesses, and among other things, it helps remarkably in our effort to attract new data centers to the area, says mayor of Hanko Denis Strandell.

- Development of the digital infrastructure enhances the vitality of the whole region, and projects require cooperation of municipalities and businesses. The towns of Hanko and Raasepori have already completed zoning for accomodating data centers to accelerate implementation projects. For instance, in Hanko a former storage area of imported vehicles and in Raasepori the Horsbäck area have got zoning, electrical infrastructure and a top modern optic fibre network in place to welcome companies in the data center industry, states Eero Hettula, chairman of the board of C-Fiber Hanko.

- The municipalities of Hanko and Raasepori and the enterprises in the area have clearly grabbed the opportunities opened by Cinia’s international network. Our goal is to offer the fastest and most reliable data connections and new business opportunities for enterprises and organizations throughout Finland. For us, the branch provides creates a complimentary route to the main cable and an option to route traffic from the Western Nordics more directly to the C-Lion1 cable system. Another landing point also serves in securing continuity of data traffic, says CEO of Cinia Group Ari-Jussi Knaapila.

More information:

Cinia Group, CEO Ari-Jussi Knaapila, tel. 050 2179, aj.knaapila(at)cinia.fi
Municipality of Hanko, mayor Denis Strandell, tel. 050 464 1014, denis.strandell(at)hanko.fi
Municipality of Raasepori, mayor Ragnar Lundström, tel. 019 289 2001, ragnar.lundqvist(at)raasepori.fi
C-Fiber Hanko, chairman of the board Eero Hettula, tel. 040 551 0416, eero.hettula(at)lansiuusimaa.chamber.fi
Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Governance Steering Unit, Director of Unit Sanna Ruuskanen, tel. +358 295 34 2077, sanna.ruuskanen(at)lvm.fi

Cinia Group offers intelligent network, system and software services, along with secure cloud-based services which make the world smaller and smarter. Cinia’s robust expertise in critical systems and its fiber optic trunk network that spans over 10,000 km in Finland ensure a cyber-secure ICT infrastructure and an advanced cloud-based operating environment for businesses. The Cinia C-Lion1 cable is the shortest and fastest highway for data communications between Central Europe and Northern Europe, which is currently the ideal environment for data centres and provides access to the Asian and Eastern European markets. The Finnish Cinia employs approximately 200 experts. More information: www.cinia.fi.

C-Fiber Hanko Oy is a company owned by the municipalities and representatives for the local industry in the Hanko-Raasepori area. C-Fiber Hanko Oy has closed a cooperation agreement with the governmentally owned Cinia Group Oy, including financing procedure, that allows a branching of the C-Lion1 submarine fiber optic cable system to be built to Hanko. C-Fiber Hanko Oy focuses on making way for international data connections to be built to the Hanko-Raasepori area, making the area a significant point-of-presence for traffic from Frankfurt, Stockholm, Helsinki and further to new and existing routes north and east. Through this C-Fiber Hanko Oy aims to make the area suitable and interesting for data center deployments and other types of data intensive industry. www.c-fiber.fi