11/25/20 10:00 AM

Cinia to acquire cyber security company OptimeSys

Cinia Ltd, a provider of high-availability data network and software solutions, will acquire OptimeSys, an expert ICT company specialising in cyber security. The acquisition will significantly strengthen Cinia’s existing cyber security business.
Cinia and the shareholders of OptimeSys Group have signed an agreement on the acquisition of the entire share capital of OptimeSys Group. OptimeSys is an ICT company specialising in information security and cyber security services since 2007. 

The acquisition will make Cinia one of the most significant cyber security providers in Finland. OptimeSys employs about 45 professionals, which means that the acquisition will increase the number of Cinia’s personnel to approximately 350.

– Cinia’s business is built on three cornerstones: network, software and cyber security solutions. Cyber security is the core element of Cinia’s services and customer promise. This acquisition will significantly strengthen our capabilities related to cyber security solutions in particular, says Cinia CEO Ari-Jussi Knaapila.

The Finnish cyber security market is growing and transitioning towards outsourced services

The Finnish cyber security market is growing rapidly within small and medium sized enterprises, which are now purchasing professionally managed cyber security solutions as a service. As a provider of digital solutions as services for significant organisations in society, Cinia sees cyber security as an opportunity to promote the growth of its business.

– The significance of cyber security will increase as the digital transformation moves forward. Cyber security is integrated into digital infrastructure, whether that involves networks, data centres and applications. Security is a core element of all of Cinia’s services and operations. We are investing our capabilities in this area which will serve all of our customers while also enabling us to deliver even better and more comprehensive solutions to our clients, says Anssi Kärkkäinen, Senior Vice President and head of Cinia’s cyber security services.

– Combining our forces will make it possible for us to serve our customers even better and more comprehensively than before. From our customers’ perspective, the most significant change will be that our cyber security centre will start to operate 24/7 following this transaction. The demand for public cloud cyber security services is growing very quickly and combining Cinia’s expertise in public cloud connectivity solutions with OptimeSys’ cyber security services will create highly significant synergies for our customers, says Toni Kari, CEO of OptimeSys Services.

The acquisition will take effect on 4 January 2021. The transaction concerns the entire OptimeSys Group, including OptimeSys Group and its subsidiaries OptimeSys and OptimeSys Services. 

Additional information:

Anssi Kärkkäinen, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Services, Ciniatel. +358 50 544 1294, anssi.karkkainen(at)cinia.fi
Ari-Jussi Knaapila, CEO, Cinia, tel. +358 50 2179, aj.knaapila(at)cinia.fi
Interview requests via assistant Outi Manninen, tel. +358 45 7881 4452, outi.manninen(at)cinia.fi
Toni Kari, CEO, OptimeSys Services, tel. +358 40 500 3814, toni.kari(at)optimesys.fi

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