8/18/17 10:00 AM

Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki takes form

Next units to arise in 2018

The first Hetzner data center in Finland will be taken into use at the turn of next year and the construction works of further units have already started. The company is currently hiring IT support personnel.

- The foundation works of the next two buildings have just started and we estimate, that these will be ready during 2018. More units will follow in the coming years and thus the construction works will continue for several years alongside with the actual data center operations, anticipates Hetzner Finland’s construction manager Ilari Seitsonen.

The earthworks at the Hetzner Finland site started a year ago and presently, the outside walls and roof of the first building are installed. During autumn interior works will be done including installation of airconditioning and servers. The data center will be built and put up using Hetzner Online’s energy-efficient concept created by the company itself in Germany.

The project has hired both local and foreign construction companies and contractors. The data center operations are estimated to begin at the turn of next year.

- Hetzner Finland will employ some 20 people upon start of the actual operations, mainly IT experts to support the server clients worldwide. In coming years when we take new data centers in use, the number of employees will rise, says Daniel Biller, Hetzner Online’s head for development projects.

Hetzner Finland is building its first data center in the Helsinki metropolitan area, just 10 minutes from the international airport. The data center complements Hetzner Online’s two German data centerparks in Falkenstein and Nuremberg. The company has clients in over 120 countries, and the data solutions provided by the Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki will be available to clients worldwide.

Additional information and contacts for press:
Ilari Seitsonen, Hetzner Finland Oy, Construction Manager (project manager/construction works), tel. +358 20 787 0392, ilari.seitsonen(at)hetzner.fi

Ari Kokkonen, Hetzner Finland Oy, Mission-Critical Facilities Engineer (project manager/electrics)tel. +358 20 787 0391, ari.kokkonen(at)hetzner.fi

Daniel Biller, Hetzner Online GmbH, Development Managerp. +49 9831 505 133, daniel.biller(at)hetzner.de

The companies within the Hetzner Group provide private and business clients with high-performance hosting products aswell as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. Hetzner Finland Oy was founded in 2015 as part ofthe Group, and it exploits in it‘s operations the expertise of the German Hetzner Online GmbH. The Hetzner Data CenterPark Helsinki with its data solutions will serve Hetzner clients worldwide.