7/17/20 12:00 PM

The Arctic telecom cable project set to launch seabed surveys

Cinia Ltd, as part of the Cinia Alliance and in collaboration with MegaFon, are working on the preparations for the development project for the Arctic submarine cable project.

The objective of the multinational collaboration is to pave the way for a completely new telecommunications link to complement and secure other global connections. At the moment the Cinia Alliance involves partners from the Nordics and Japan.

The global economy increasingly depends on international telecom networks and logistics systems. The Arctic cable will increase the redundancy of the global networks significantly by providing a new route. Once complete, the Arctic cable will also offer the lowest-latency sea route between Europe and Asia. 

Seabed surveys are an important part of the project works and these surveys are planned to be executed in different phases. In the first phase the preparations of the Arctic survey in the joint project are led by MegaFon, which has commissioned a research vessel that will now start transiting to the area.  This seabed survey will begin in August and it is estimated to last three months.

Today, over 99 per cent of international telecommunications runs through global submarine networks. The new over 10,000 km Arctic cable will provide high capacity and low latency in addition to increased network resilience to complement and secure existing connections. Currently, the global network backbone is lacking an optical submarine cable that connects Europe, the coastal regions of eastern and northern Russia, Japan and North America. The new cable route also supports the development of the Arctic region.

- Cinia has constructed 1,200 km of C-Lion1 submarine cable from Germany to Finland, which was launched in 2016. It proved our ability to lead and execute demanding multinational submarine projects. The Arctic cable is a sustainable and climate-conscious solution that will drive global, regional as well as local development, says Ari-Jussi Knaapila, CEO, Cinia Ltd.

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