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Cinia obtained the Facility Security Clearance

News 4.5.2017

Cinia Group Ltd has been awarded the Facility Security Clearance, based on the security clearance legislation. A Facility Security Clearance can be awarded to a Finnish company contracting with a public organisation when sensitive government information is being processed at the facility.

Cinia obtained the Facility Security Clearance through a process initiated by the Finnish Defence Forces. The Finnish Defence Forces awarded the certificate and will audit Cinia regularly to ensure continuous compliance. The auditing process covers the administrative, physical, personnel and information security fields in Cinia’s processes.

– Security and reliability are critical to our business. This certificate is extremely important to us. It validates the working methods and security systems of Cinia Group and proves to our business partners that we are a trustworthy partner. The certificate allows us to proceed with future business ventures without needing a separate security audit for each partner, says Cinia’s Pertti Hyvärinen, Senior Vice President, Cyber and Security Affairs.

A Facility Security Clearance (FSC) is often required as proof that a company can be trusted to handle sensitive information properly when participating in national or international ventures or submitting a tender. 
– Being awarded this Facility Security Clearance makes it quick and easy for us to obtain the range of international FSC certificates that may be necessary for our international business operations, Hyvärinen says.

According to the Security Clearance Act, the Finnish Defence Forces will routinely audit companies and require Facility Security Clearance qualifications from companies performing work for them or participating in their procurement activities.

The national Facility Security Clearance certificate is valid for five years. Additional audits may be required during this period.

Additional information:

Cinia Group Oy
Pertti Hyvärinen
Senior Vice President, Cyber and Security Affairs
tel. +358 400 377359

Janne Sormunen
Chief Security Officer
tel. +358 40 922 3124

Cinia Group makes the world smaller, smarter, and more secure with intelligent network, cloud, and software services. Strong expertise in mission-critical solution development is built on an uncompromised focus on robustness and reliability. Cyber security of ICT infrastructure is ensured by Cinia's advanced cloud based operating environment that meets the needs of most demanding organizations. Thousands of kilometers of owned fiber optic trunk network along with the Cinia C-Lion1 submarine cable provide the shortest and fastest data highway from Central European network hubs to Northern Europe, which is both an ideal data center environment and a natural gateway to Asian and Eastern European markets.