Tackle cyber threats rapidly by utilizing data and technology

Cinia’s MDR service offers tools, employees, resources and processes that help you forget your information security worries and concentrate on the digital development of your business operations and increasing your profit.

The cyber security partnership of Cinia’s MDR service combines technologies and expert assistance, protects the organization’s end terminals and cloud services as well as the connections used – in addition to everything else requiring protection against current cyber threats.

What does Managed Detection and Response mean?

  • A service intended for effective detection of threats and responding to them

  • Utilizes automation and large amounts of data
  • Automation is utilized, but there is always a human being operating in the background
  • Not only detection, but also the tools and processes for quick tackling of threats
  • Utilizes the XDR technology, which can seamlessly integrate the network, end terminals, cloud, email and users.

State-of-the-art technologies, employees and processes at your disposal

Cinia’s MDR service uses a context-rich XDR platform, which combines telemetry, metadata and log data from different layers, and brings them to a centralized data lake. This enables quick threat hunting and, above all, unites different information security layers into one seamless entity. In addition to the technology, Cinia’s MDR service provides personnel who operate and process information security deviations and develop the security of the organization’s environment together with the customer.



Key features of Cinia’s MDR service

  • Depending on your needs, the Trend Micro or Managed Azure Sentinel licensing to a technology which includes the XDR capabilities
  • End terminals’ advance protection against malware and ransomware and monitoring
  • Ensuring and monitoring the data network connection security
  • Ensuring the cloud service security – Cloud Security
  • Prevention of the spread of malware –Application Sandbox
  • Prevention of data leakages – Data Loss Protection
  • Office365 and Google Workspace information security
  • The Incident Response team at your disposal
  • Proactive observation and prevention of threats
  • Detection and protection of vulnerabilities
  • Data in the EU area
  • Information security partnership, in which we will together develop the cyber security as well as security practice and processes of your company’s digital environments.

We are Trend Micro’s leading partner in Finland




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