Webinar: The Benefits of Secure Access Service Edge

Cyber Security2 Your Business Webinar

The Benefits of Secure Access Service Edge


Arjuna Ranaweera, Consulting Sales Engineer, EMEA, Forcepoint

Ari Rantala, Head of Production and Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Cinia

The webinar is hosted by:

Tomi Liesimaa, Service Development Director, Cyber Security Solutions, Cinia


Maintaining a high level of cyber security is a challenge in today’s hybrid work environment. Employees can access company services and log into business SaaS applications from their home and other remote locations at any time, using different devices.

What are the security risks of remote working? How can SASE architecture help mitigate these risks and ensure that your organization’s infrastructure is secured?

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How the SASE architecture works
  • How SASE can help strengthen your organization’s cyber security
  • How SASE supports agile remote work and enables seamless and secure access for users

In the webinar, Forcepoint’s Arjuna Ranaweera and Cinia’s Ari Rantala introduce the tools for using SASE and discuss how to benefit from SASE. The webinar is hosted by Cinia’s Service Development Director, Tomi Liesimaa

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