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Automation is an essential part of many business processes and customer dialogues, and without it, most companies would not be able to handle all their complex operations. In today´s digital business landscape tackling varied cyber security threats is also an inescapable part of the day-to-day maintenance of these digital processes and service environments. How to run smooth, automated processes securely and safely?

Like every other part of a business, also security operations can leverage automation, and use it to scale-up, and bring focus and prioritization in the face of ever-increasing security challenges and alerts.

In this webinar, we go through the newest automation solutions for companies´ cyber security operations and how they work, and discuss what parts of the operations can be automated, and what benefits automating your cyber security operations will bring to your cyber security teams, and to your business.

This webinar is a joint production of Cinia and Swimlane.

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Anssi Kärkkäinen
, Senior Vice President, Cinia

Improve your organizations time management
Tomi Liesimaa, Head of Cyber Security Solutions, Cinia
With today’s SOAR capabilities you can go beyond cyber security automation to tackle the ever growing time consumption of IT or HR processes.

Scaling Up with Low-Code Security Automation
Spann, SOAR Evangelist, Technical Marketing Engineer,  Swimlane
Join us as we show how Swimlane eliminates the chaos and uncertainty by automating real-time security operations. Low-code security automation makes it easy to transition your existing manual, repetitive tasks into a streamlined integration of all your security tools. This enables the automation of virtually any use case using workflows that enable the orchestration of your existing processes.


Anssi Kärkkäinen

Senior Vice President, Cinia Oy

+358 50 544 1294


Tomi Liesmaa

Head of Cyber Security Solutions, Cinia

+358 40 589 7266

Jay Spann

SOAR Evangelist, Technical Marketing Engineer, Swimlane